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Increase your clinic’s revenue and help patients with more by adding in-demand treatments to your available services

Meet Your New Instructor

Dr. Alex Spinoso

Alex Spinoso is a physician, an entrepreneur, and a highly sought after consultant in speaker in the medical industry.

He is an industry leading expert in growth and scaling of multiple medical clinics, both cash based and insurance based, and building medical licensing programs, medical training programs, and online telemedicine companies.

He also owns multiple other direct to consumer retail businesses, commercial and family real estate, and helps run some of the most successful medical companies in the United States.


Maximize Your Clinic's Revenue

Without Spending Thousands Training Your Staff

Here’s a golden opportunity for you.

There are additional in-demand services you could be offering to your patients.

Learn them today. Our TipTop Med courses are designed to get you and your team up and running fast with life-changing treatments to offer your patients.


Erectile Dysfunction Course

This course covers protocol for Erectile Dysfunction Procedures including penile injections.

Hair Restoration Treatments Course

Learn the proper skills and techniques for Hair Restoration Treatments.

Neuropathy Course

This Neuropathy course will cover exams for Upper and Lower Extremities and the proper procedures and protocol. Highlighted features in this course also include supplies, infrared lights and Injection Procedures.

Vitamin Injections Course

Become skilled in Vitamin Injections through this eight-step course.

Weight Loss Course

This Weight Loss course covers what you need to know about obesity and weight loss medications and treatments.

Women’s Sexual Dysfunction/Incontinence Course

The lessons in this course cover everything you need including supplies needed and a road map for Female Sexual Wellness.

...and more courses coming soon!

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Erectile Dysfunction Course

Hair Restoration Treatments Course

Hormone Therapy Course

Neuropathy Course

Vitamin Injections Course

Weight Loss Course

Women’s Sexual Dysfunction/Incontinence Course