Women’s Sexual Dysfunction/Incontinence Course

Learn how to properly and effectively treat Women’s Sexual Dysfunction. This course will teach you proper protocol for Vaginal Injections and the She Shot. The lessons in this course cover everything you need including supplies needed and a road map for Female Sexual Wellness.

Weight Loss Course

This Weight Loss course covers what you need to know about obesity and weight loss medications and treatments. You will learn what qualifications are needed as well as nutrition plans. You will also learn what is necessary for a Weight Loss Consultation.

Neuropathy Course

This Neuropathy course will cover exams for Upper and Lower Extremities and the proper procedures and protocol. Highlighted features in this course also include supplies, infrared lights and Injection Procedures.

Hair Restoration Treatments Course

Learn the proper skills and techniques for Hair Restoration Treatments. This course contains procedural guidelines and supplies needed to conduct a proper and safe procedure. You will learn everything from Scalp Block Procedures to PRP procedures and medications.

Erectile Dysfunction Course

This course covers protocol for Erectile Dysfunction Procedures including penile injections. You will learn how to conduct a proper consultation and administer safe treatments to patients.